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ICC Emergency Ankle Rig
  • ICC Emergency Ankle Rig

    Offering another popular mode of discreet carry of emergency trauma supplies, we now offer a full size yet low profile, made in USA ankle kit.


    Made from 100% made in USA latex-free elastic that includes total coverage and protection both for the contents as well as for the wearer.  Based off our IWB-Flat, our ankle rig comfortably stages the following:

    1 x Tourniquet (CAT, SOF-T, TMT, or RMT)

    1 x Chest Seals (HALO, Hyfin, Combat Medical, etc)

    1 x Compressed Gauze

    1 x Compression Bandage (NAR Mini-Compression Bandage, H&H, SWAT-T, etc.)

    Optional extras: Penlight, marker, cutters/shears


    Contents shown not included.  


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