Be an asset When Things Go Wrong


Welcome to Immediate Casualty Care, home of the Civilian Trauma Preparedness program and the only Inside-The-Waistband personal trauma kit available.  Our goal is to make sure everyone is ready to be an asset when things go wrong.  Learn the skills, carry the gear, and be ready.  

The "Minimalist Emergency Medical" Kit. 

An everyday carry kit that allows for low-profile carry of essential trauma gear in a variety of configurations.

Our Goal: Be "covert- not overt" when it comes to readiness.

Min-E-Med Kits



Immediate Casualty Care LLC provides low-profile carry options for basic trauma supplies and the education on how to be most effective with those tools.  Our goal is to help every prepared citizen maintain a state of readiness and preparedness to be an asset when things go wrong.  


Full-Time Firefighter Paramedic

NAEMT Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider

STOP The BLEED B-Con Instructor



Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a group training session, as well as any inquiries about the Min-E-Med line of products.

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