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"American Cop Magazine" Author Eugene Nielsen writes an excellent overview of our IWB series of concealable IFAKS for both law enforcement and prepared civilians.  Check out the full article here as well their catalog of firearm reviews, training articles, and other gear reviews.  

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Our IWB-Flat featured in "EDC BELT, RANGE BELT, AND WAR BELT SETUPS" from the February 2021 edition of Recoil OffGrid by Contributing Editor Patrick McCarthy.  Visit Recoil OffGrid for expert insights, gear reviews, and training information.


Raziel "The Tactical Rabbi" Cohen, utilizing the Min-E-Med IWB in an IFAK, spare mag loadout for private security/place of worship protective detail.

"At Integrative Defense Strategies we understand firearm or hand-to-hand skills alone aren’t enough.  We instead look at these skills as just one part of a larger interdependent system of self-defense, a system where all of the elements are equally distributed and interwoven, enabling adaptable options and sound decision making for all kinds of critical incidents."

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