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IWB-Flat 2.0
  • IWB-Flat 2.0

    Now featuring a new "highback" design to help prevent contents from rubbing on the wearers skin and undergarmets for a much more comfortable carry experience.


    Minimizing pocket bulk and always be ready with the Min-E-Med IWB (Inside the Waistband) organization pouch. The IWB-Flat was designed by the owner, a full-time firefighter/paramedic with the goal of allowing anyone to discreetly carry basic trauma gear every day, even in non-permissive areas. This variation, the "FLAT" is a single sleeve that stages supplies in a row, minimizing the thickness to nearly as thin as the supplies carried.


    Clip Options (When Available):

    • Standard Stainless-Steel Clip: Ideal for over or under-belt mounting with good retention. No additional cost.
    • Discreet Carry Concepts MOD 4 1.5" Belt Clips: A more rugged and secure belt mounting option than the standard clips.
    • UltiClip3+ Clips: Perfect for secure waistband mounting and for "tuckability' when wearing formal clothing or uniforms. The clips can be mounted inside or outside of the sleeve based on user preference.
    • Non-Metallic Screws and J-Clip: When used in conjunction with other non-metallic trauma gear, the user can move through security checkpoints without setting off metal detecting devices, limiting the need to remove the kit to display and evaluation by security personnel.


    Recomended Contents


    Be an asset when things go wrong.


    Technical Specs:

    12" x 8", stainless steel clips (removable), about 3.5oz, made from latex free elastic. Made in the USA by a veteran owned fabricator.


    Contents shown not included.

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