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IWB Tourniquet Pouch
  • IWB Tourniquet Pouch

    A discreet carry option for a full size windlass or ratcheting style tourniquet inside the waistband, the IWB Tourniquet Pouch is made from USA sourced premium latex free elastic with either a Discreet Carry Concepts MOD 4 or UltiClip 3.3 Slim clip mount.  The 4 inch wide pouch can accomodate all generations of the TMT, RMT, CAT, and SOFT-T.  Carry as a standalone option or to compliment a pocket kit.  


    Note on clip selection: The DCC MOD 4 is ideal for over the belt mounting (1.5" belts) and the UltiClip 3.3 Slim is ideal for mounting directly to the waistband.  Non-Metallic Clip option is a Tough Grips Holster Clip with plastic binder screws.  


    *Tourniquets shown not included.

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