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Min-E-Med™ IWB
  • Min-E-Med™ IWB

    Minimizing pocket bulk and always be ready with the Min-E-Med IWB (Inside the Waistband) organization pouch.  The IWB was designed by the owner, a full time firefighter/paramedic with the goal of allowing anyone to discreetly carry basic trauma gear every day, even in non-permissive areas.


    Recomended Contents


    Since its release, the IWB series has also been evaluated and used by private security firms, survival experts, and non-permissive environment specialists who have used the IWB as Escape and Evasion, Covert Travel, and mini-bug out kits.  Whatever you want to be ready for, the Min-E-Med IWB series is flexible enough to meet your needs. 


    Be an asset when things go wrong.


    Technical Specs: 

    9" x 6", stainless steel clip (removable), about 3.5oz, made from latex free elastic.  Made in the USA by a veteran owned fabricator.  


    Contents shown not included.

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